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We are an independent group of diverse production companies built on the fluid exchange of ideas and talents. Quad Group is a collaborative platform for making a wide range of content for any medium through imagination, storytelling, and innovative technology.
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Quad Productions
Buying Cars From Strangers Gets Awkward In This Series By Eric Judor
Quad Productions
Bruno Aveillan Directs Stunning Film About Stark Reality For Garnier & Unicef
Fighting Fish
Retro-futuristic Dance Short Launches Fashion Line for Galeries Lafayette
Quad Productions
New Quad Director Josh Soskin's Amazon Campaign Airs During Super Bowl LI
Art Bridge
'Makeba' By Greg&Lio Wins Best Music Video at Victoires De la Musique
Quad Productions
CB News Names Quad Production Company of the Year
Live-action commercials and content
With more than two decades of experience, Quad Productions has a long reputation of high production-value and highly creative live action storytelling. Quad fosters an international roster of directors that are dedicated to telling beautiful stories in any genre and create groundbreaking content for the biggest international agencies, brands and creative partners.
Live-action and animated feature films
In 2004 Quad expanded its activity to producing feature films. This department now boasts 19 films, including international hits 'The Intouchables' and 'Heartbreaker.' Now one of the most influential companies on the French market, Quad produces quality entertainment with strong concepts via contemporary and relatable themes.
TV movies TV series
We are producers of series, mini-series and TV films that enthrall audiences in France and abroad. Our keywords are emotion, suspense and empathy, our objective is our viewer’s addiction. We aspire not to remodel Television but to make it an even more beautiful media, by providing ourselves with the means to meet this ambition. That is what Quad Television is all about.
Branded Content, Creative Technology & Interactive Experiences
Creation for the Digital Age! Fighting Fish is a hybrid production company with an expertise in digital, film, event and creative technologies. we produce engaging experiences and innovative branded content, combining a strong sense of storytelling with a high production value. whatever the media. whatever the budget. big ideas require big production.
Animation, mixed media and design
Hi there, we’re WIZZ. You can think of us as a graphics laboratory. We love 2D, 3D, stop motion, and mixed media, but above all we love developing new artistic worlds and tools with our directors that might involve all of the above. For commercials, music videos, films, series, or something in between, WIZZ is dedicated to being a true creative storytelling partner.
100% food
We like food. We like vegetables, meat, cakes, candies. We like drinks, liquids and bubbles. We like to prepare, to cook and eat. We like to share. We like to film. We like to produce. We like quality. Food is good. Food is eye candy. We work with directors that are passionate: they like ingredients, textures, macro food. They like to cut, slice, chisel, mix, mash, cook, boil, grill and dress. We are a production company based in Paris. We are the food department of Quad group. We produce commercials, digital contents, reports and recipes for all medias. We like to create. And Brian is in the kitchen.
VFX and post production
Fix Studio is a post-production company specializing in visual effects, 2D and 3D, color grading and mapping. Our expertise has been developed across the worlds of advertising and feature films, and includes specific areas such as architecture, events, digital visual creation, art films...
Artistic collaborations for branded content
Art Bridge aggregates talents from art and technology to create unique works that are vectors of curiosity and emotion. These collaborations are designed for a variety of forms, ranging from films and installations, events and experiences, social media content and applications, to even objects. This platform for artists allows us to produce exceptional communication for brands to differentiate themselves, and to stimulate a conversation around its image.